by Maulana Sulaiman Moola


The ummah once again finds itself in the midst of a crisis.  Such a period such an era perhaps unprecedented, a time and an era wherein the oppressed cannot be called a victim wherein the tyrant cannot be called an oppressor. Wherein actions are justified and reactions are criticized. Where the murderer knows not why he is murdering, the murdered knows not why he is being murdered. A time when the voices of truth are suppressed and the truthful ones are marginalized, when lies and falsehood are being promoted. And in the midst of this crisis, in the midst of this challenge that is stalling on this ummah, that is straining on the ummah, the challenges of the preservation of Iman are intensifying. Hence the Quran says:

“Indeed Allah tested the nations that preceded you so Allah could make known those that were sincere and Allah could expose those that were liars.”

And hence the current happenings also makes it known to us that the challenge and the test that is coming upon the ummah, that is straining upon the ummah; safely we can say you and I are living in the time of which our pious predecessors had asked Allah’s protection against.

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said;

“O Allah let me not live up to see an era where Divine guidance is ignored, Allah let me not see an era where shamelessness becomes the odour of the day.”

Brothers and sisters, you and i have found ourselves in the midst of the era. The only thing from which we can take solace is that what is to come is worse than what we are experiencing.

Hadhrat Muawiyah radhiallahu anhu said;

“What we consider noble in our time was considered a sin in the previous times, And what we consider a vice, a sin and transgression today, rest assured in the years to come this will be considered pious and noble.”