Hadhrat Yahya bin Yahya Ghassani reports that two men from his tribe reported,

“When the  Muslims set up camp outside Jordan, we talked among ourselves that Damascus would soon be under siege. We therefore went to do our business in Damascus before that happened. We were still there when the commander of Damascus sent for us. When we came before him, he asked, ‘Are you two Arabs?’ When we replied in the affirmative, he asked further, ‘Are you Christians?’ ‘Yes’, we replied. He then said, ‘One of you will have to spy on them to learn about their intentions. The other will stay behind to look after his companion’s belongings. ‘ One of us then wen t and stayed with the Muslims for some time before returning.

He said, ‘I have come to you from people who are thin and who ride fine horses. They are monks by night, brave horsemen by day and can even attach feathers to their arrows, carve them out by themselves and straighten their spears to perfection. If you were to speak to someone sitting beside you, he would be unable to hear you because they were always reciting the Quran and engaging in Dhikir in loud voices,’

The commander then turned to his companions and said,

‘Such people have come to you against whom you can offer no resistance.”