“Apa rukun2 Iman?”


I replied,

“Beriman kpd Allah swt,

Beriman kdp kitab2 Allah,

Beriman kpd para rasul alayhimussalam,

Beriman kpd para malaikat,

Beriman kpd hari Qiyamat,

Beriman kpd Qada’ dan Qadar Allah.” 

and then i asked, “Why Daddy?”

without answering he spoke again,

“Okay let me just ask you, in this life what do u seek for?”

“Redha Allah,” was my answer,

“Tp Allah bila cipta kita mmg dah redha,” came the immediate reply, and he went on again,

“I mean talking abt this life here and now.. what u seek for is happiness, contentment, kaya hati.. yg bukan dpt jumpa dlm harta yg bnyk. Allah sent u to this world for such appointed time, and to survive this world jadi org yg berjaya kena ada iman. thats why i asked u apa rukun2 iman. its your principles in life, your guide. satu org yg bnyk bersabar, tu pun  tanda iman.”

and i said quietly in my heart, “..Yes daddy, thats why to work on our Iman is so critical..”

And I made du’a,

O Allah, grant my parents Your endless mercy and blessings as You are Most Merciful, and grant them your forgiveness as You are Most Forgiving.. jadikanlan mereka di kalangan org yang beriman kpdmu dgn iman yg sahih, beramal kpdmu dgn amal yg soleh, make them a pious leader for us and make us a shafaat for them in their times in need. How You have decreed for us to be in a family in this world then please unite us again in Your Jannah, we have no strength to do good except with Your help, O Allah.. and with Your Strength, nothing is impossible. You are The Almighty, The One God, none other but You, O Allah. Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen..

 This is just some random conversation that popped in the morning air, but nonetheless big deal to me.

because coming from daddy its such an eye opener..