Hence I place my complaint before Thee..

O You Most Merciful and and Compassionate,

I look up to Thee to ascertain

whether Thou would entrust me to an enemy who is thoroughly biased against me

or make over my affairs into the hands of a sympathetic friend..

O Allah,

If Thou are not displeased with me then I would not care of such things

but still I would continue to beg for peace from Thee.

By the light of Thy Magnificent Personality

which has illumined the heavens, dissipated darkness,

and keeps the affairs of this world and Hereafter moving in the right direction,

I pray that if Thou are ever displeased or angry with me,

and Thy anger or displeasure will always be justified,

let it be changed into Thy pleasure;

and I have no power or ability in me except with Thy help.

O Allah,

grant me a protection which is extended to a baby-in-arms..

O Allah,

give me a heart which is full of passionate devotion to Thee

and strong inclination to follow Thy path.