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and the hours, minutes and seconds are like its coaches, whereas our occupations are the passengers sitting in them.


Presently, our inferior materialistic occupations have gained such a control of this train and coaches off our life that they are not allowing the nobler concerns of the Hereafter to come in. Our work is that we should be determined to put this nobler concerns in place of the mean worldly occupations:

the concerns which please Allah and build our Hereafter.

(Maulana Mohammad Ilyas)


and a paradise for the disbeliever.



This means that we have not been sent to this world for filling our bellies and fulfilling our lust and self desires- the way which turns this world into a ‘paradise’ for a person; but we have been sent rather to oppose our self and to obey Allah’s commands- by which this world becomes a ‘prison’ for the believer. Hence like the disbelievers, if we also make this world a paradise by supporting our self and following our inclinations, we will be robbing disbelievers of their paradise.

In this case, Allah’s help will not be with the robber, it will be instead with those robbed!

Think well upon these words!

(Maulana Mohammad Ilyas rahmatullah alayh)

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Why should I grieve because of a thorn? Once it had made laughter known to me. Whatever you lost through the stroke of destiny, know it was to save you from adversity. One small affliction keeps off greater afflictions; one small loss prevents greater losses. -Rumi

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