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Hence I place my complaint before Thee..

O You Most Merciful and and Compassionate,

I look up to Thee to ascertain

whether Thou would entrust me to an enemy who is thoroughly biased against me

or make over my affairs into the hands of a sympathetic friend..

O Allah,

If Thou are not displeased with me then I would not care of such things

but still I would continue to beg for peace from Thee.

By the light of Thy Magnificent Personality

which has illumined the heavens, dissipated darkness,

and keeps the affairs of this world and Hereafter moving in the right direction,

I pray that if Thou are ever displeased or angry with me,

and Thy anger or displeasure will always be justified,

let it be changed into Thy pleasure;

and I have no power or ability in me except with Thy help.

O Allah,

grant me a protection which is extended to a baby-in-arms..

O Allah,

give me a heart which is full of passionate devotion to Thee

and strong inclination to follow Thy path.


When you may walk unburdened and find all that you need awaiting your arrival at each station of your journey?



You only exist here and now. Tomorrow’s ‘you’ is only a fantasy, as you can’t even know if you’ll live that long. By inventing so many problems for yourself you are only making yourself ill.

The Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam advises us not to make problems for ourselves. If there are immediate and pressing problems, that is another story, but so many ‘problems’ in people’s minds are not problems at all except in their minds. They are only ‘projected problems’ which may or may not ever materialize. This is the affliction of 20th century man: anxiety, or suffering inflicted upon oneself over the possibility of future suffering.

Allah Almighty doesn’t want His servants to suffer needless self-inflicted misery, and He says:

Oh My servants, don’t load heavy burdens on yourselves by worrying about the future. Just bring yourselves in line with My will; accord with my purposes this moment, and then rest assured that I will help you keep your future moments similarly aligned with My will.

When a new railway track is laid, before a locomotive and train are ever sent over it, a two-wheeled cart is first drawn over it to check whether the tracks have been laid straight. In the same way, if you can align your will to that of your Lord even for a moment, without carrying a heavy burden, you may be sure that your way is right, and that, even should times get rough, and so many burdens be multiplied to your locomotive, your track is straight and true and you will pass along it smoothly and safely.

Often people would run into the mosque and quickly say the obligatory prayers and run out again. What’s the rush? They would nervously look at their watches and say: “We have been taried in the mosque too long already. We have so many things to do today!”

It is laudable to be industrious and to look after your affairs well, but who would look after your affairs were you to drop dead here and now? I am not encouraging people to spend their whole days in the mosque, but only trying to remind people who are not only running after their sustenance, but leaping, head over heels after ambitious all-encompassing undertakings that it is impossible to ‘master the world’, and destructive to devote so much energy to their attempt, and with so much abandon.

First of all, the world already has a Master, and addressing Him humbly with the presence of mind (not hurriedly) in your prayers is even more instrumental in attaining your sustenance than rushing through the city. Secondly, far from attending to you affairs more efficiently by running, you are only likely to have a heart attack and die young!

(Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi)

Drops of Wisdom

Why should I grieve because of a thorn? Once it had made laughter known to me. Whatever you lost through the stroke of destiny, know it was to save you from adversity. One small affliction keeps off greater afflictions; one small loss prevents greater losses. -Rumi

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